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Car wrapping is the new revolutionary way of completely changing the colour of your car, completed using large rolls of vinyl. Using vinyl, we are able to give your car a completely new look while keeping the old one. Unlike spray-jobs, a vinyl wrap is completely reversible so the wrap can be removed quickly and easily reverting back to the original paint work.

Wrapping your car enhances its aesthetics, however there are other benefits that can be noted. Once the wrap has been applied, it will act as a shield to protect your vehicle against stone chips, abrasions and UV damage.

We have a huge selection of some of the worlds finest vinyls. The finishes available are Matte, Gloss, Colourflip/Colourflow, Pearlescent , Satin, Matte Metallic & Carbon.

Here at Revamp Wraps, we like to ensure a paint-like finish. In order to achieve this, we dismantle most of the car, removing bumpers, headlights, grilles, door handles, mirrors which enables us to tuck the vinyl deep into the inner sections of the panel, ensuring there will be no pull-back/peeling in the years to come. 

Apart from colour change wraps, we also offer partial wraps such as roof, wing mirrors & dechroming/chrome delete. 


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