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Window tinting is completed by shrinking and applying a film to the inside of the window. An individual may choose to have window tint installed due to aesthetic imrpovement but there are other benefits and advantages that should be noted:

1) Privacy

When a tint is applied, it is easy to keep a low profile. It protects your personal privacy while driving as well as keeping the contents of your vehicle kept out of sight while parked. If a thief cant see the contents in your vehicle, it is less likely to be broken in to.

2) Blocks UV Rays

UV rays are the cause of skin cancer and skin ageing but with window tint applied, the film will filter out 99% of UV rays. The interior upholstery will also be protected as UV rays can cause the upholstery to crack, fade or warp.

3) Reduced heat

The correct window tint can reduce the heat that enters the vehicle up to 46%. This means there will be less strain on the air-conditioning unit, thereby reducing fuel costs.

4) Increased safety

This advantage is great for parents or individuals who carry a lot of passengers. As automotive glass is tempered, when the glass breaks, it shatters into tiny sharp particles. The window tint film will hold the glass in place in the event of an accident, protecting anyone inside the vehicle from shattered glass.

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